Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday!

I completely forgot earlier... it's Wednesday, isn't it? :-) Since this is my second post of the day, I'll be brief.

Ok, so the background on this story is that Kevin is determined...I mean absolutely adament not to see, hear, or imagine me in any wedding dress until The Day. He says that it will be one of the most anticipated and special moments of his life and he doesn't want to ruin it. *awww* So every time someone even says the word "lace" or "sweetheart neckline" he walks out of the room.

A couple months or so ago I went into the Rebeccas's Bridal Boutique (amazing service, highly recommended!) to try on my wedding dress with my mom, future mother in law, and two of my girls. I put on my dress, we all die, take pictures, obsess, etc. The owner walks over with a fiesty short number and says, "Hey Felicia... wanna play a prank on Kevin?" I say, YES! absolutely not! She said,"Put this on and we'll take a picture. When you get home 'accidently' show him 'your wedding dress'" *iamahorribleperson*
 Side note: She told me that mothers of the bride have requested this dress in a different color!!! Come on, ladies! I mean, I'm all for flaunting it if ya got it... but at your daughter's wedding? mmm I think not.
Mothers. of the Bride.

So, when I got home Kevin asked how my dress adventure went. I told him it went great and then lifted the phone with the picture. I don't think he's ever spun around so fast in my life! He screamed, "Nooooooooo!!!" I couldn't keep it up... I felt really bad... I told him it was a joke immediately. He said, "I'm glad it was a joke...but you do look cute."  *sigh* Even when I'm playing a horrible prank on him he's still sweet as can be.

Next Wedding Wednesday: Our first date!

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  1. HAHA that was my favorite prank ever. You literally look like you popped out of a cake! And umm I totally missed the mother of the bride thing. thats SO frightening.