Our Story

Kevin and I have been together for over 4 years but we still love to reminisce about how we met. We were 17 and he was working at an Eckerd Drugstore. I went in to ask for an application and immediately noticed the infinitely adorable cashier, whom I was going to have to ask. Being a girl, I did a quick self assessment and noted that my hair was less than glamorous that day. Shit. Hot guy, bad hair day. My luck completely. But alas, he had seen me in line. No getting out of it. So I went up and asked for an application in the sweetest voice that I had in me, making sure to smile and hoping that he didn't think that I just rolled out of bed.
The first day on the job I was told that I would shadow and be trained by one of their employees. A few minutes later, in strolls Kevin, ready to train the new girl! We spent the entire night talking and getting to know each other. He's chatting away and I'm picking out my wedding dress in my mind and all of a sudden I hear him say, "My girlfriend loves going there."  ...Wait, what?
So, I was forced to love him from afar when he went off to college. (Not the fairytale you were expecting? Just keep reading... it gets better) I went off to college as well (I went to Allegheny College for my first year). When my college boyfriend of 3 months broke up with me it was literally the end of the world. I was an ugly mess I was going through a rough patch. 4 days later Kevin IMs me (back when IMing people was cool). It turns out that someone from Eckerd told Kevin that I liked him so he checked my Facebook to see if I was single. He asked me out that day! Apparently Kevin had been in love with me for years too and neither of us had known! Miscommunication or what??

The first date? The proposal? Stayed tuned to my blog!

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