Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Here we are again... Wedding Wednesday!

I promised the proposal story, so, here it is...

To be honest, the months leading up to the proposal were torturous. We had been together 3 1/2 years at the time and practically everyone knew it was coming. My mom had it pegged one month in, his mom (I later learned) had asked him if he was going to propose when he asked her to lunch one day, and my friends and I all talked about it... it was coming. Everyone knew.

To make matters worse, he had told me around March that he wanted to marry me (this was no secret) and that perhaps it would be happening by the end of the year (this was news). So, being a girl, I obsessed about it to all of my friends who, in turn, obsessed about it. It was to the point where I would call my friend Julia, leave a message asking her to call me back, and she would call back and say, "Let me guess, you're enagaged." And I would say "No, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the gym with me." So, the anticipation basically was killing me.

The last week in November Kevin asked me if I wanted to do a date night the following week. We hadn't really had a chance to go on a date in a while because of holidays and things. So I said yes and he made a reservation at the Inn Between, a reaaally nice restaurant. The date night was on a random Tuesday, so I didn't think anything of it.

Then came the flowers. I was at school working and I got called down to the office. There was a box of lillies that had been sent by Kevin with a note telling me how excited he was for our date. *I died* How adorable.

 I went back to my room and my coworker immediately said, "He's going to propose." I thought, no... I don't think so... but... it put the thought in the back of my mind. So, he picked me up from work and we went to the restaurant. We ate, we talked, nothing happened. He took me to Lights on the Lake...nothing happened. It was a normal date night. That's all.

Cursing myself for thinking that it was going to happen, we went home. I was so mad at myself and super disappointed. Why did I let myself get excited? I began taking off my coat and saw Kevin go over to the computer. Our song started playing so I thought he wanted to dance with me like we always do. All of a sudden he reached down for these posterboards and I saw him put something in his pocket.

Oh. My. Gosh.

This is it. He turned the poster around and I immediately started crying. It was happening. After I had dismissed the idea, it was happening. He went through each card (like the guy did in Love Actually... my favorite part in my favorite movie) and then got down on one knee. I was so excited that I jumped into his arms, snotting and tearing all over him overjoyed, and completely forgot about the ring. I remember saying, "Oh yeah! Lemme see it!!"

And that's how he knows I truly love him...or so he says.




  1. YAYYYY!!! <3 <3 <3

    ps you must have read my tweet from earlier and used ESP to know I was about to sign on! I panic when I don't see your posts right away hahaha

  2. Awww super sweet. I love your story!