Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In my opinion...

...the guy at the library who asked me, "Do you work here?" while I was waiting in line to check out, has some serious trouble with context clues.

Sooo, I was reading some blogs and I saw this really great post over at lala lists and thought that I should link up.
So I am.
Here's what I think...
1. I think driving in Syracuse, NY in winter is just ridiculous. Why do I live here again?
2. People who brush their teeth with warm water are crazy. Cold water is drastically more refreshing.
3. It should be the norm to walk around barefoot all the time.
4. Given the choice between green grapes and purple, I'd choose green every time.
5. I caanot stand when people are eating and I can hear it. Close your mouth and eat or get away from me. kthanks.
6. Dogs rule, cats drool.
7. A lot of the time, kids are more fun than adults.
8. The greatest disservice that you can do yourself is dying without traveling. So much exists that needs to be experienced and so many different people share this world with you!
9. Grey's Anatomy and a glass of wine is the best way to end any day.
 10. Dark Chocolate raspberry Ghirardelli squares are as close to heaven as I have ever gotten.
11. I love inspirational quotes. Oh! The places you'll go!, by Dr. Seuss has made me tear up. No lie.

12. Styrofoam should not exist. Not only for the environment's benefit, but also my own when someone takes something out of a box and that ear piercing screetch happens when it rubs together.
13. Wearing leggings as pants... for most people, not really a good look.
14. Bored with your clothes? Add a statement necklace. They make old outfits look amazing and new again.

15. I am obsessed with pinterest. obsessed. Follow me!
16. I love learning new exercises but am too tired/lazy to ever do them.
17. Country is superior to all other music.
18. Teacher pet peeve: Come up and poke/pat me to get my attention while I'm talking. Just try it.
19. I think ecards are hysterical. Enjoy.
20. How I like to live my life:



  1. I'm so excited to start poking you next time I see you! Not surprisingly, I agree with all of the above! Except the closest I'd come to heaven would be eating those chocolates with you while drinking wine and watching greys while are men watch football and become bffs. Sound good???

    1. Sounds better than good!!! Sounds heavenly 😉 I literally have at least, AT LEAST one student come up and hit me to get my attention, usually while I'm speaking. My right eye is twitching just thinking about it.