Friday, September 21, 2012

Who needs a ladder...

...when you've got a man?
Every year my mom hosts the "annual apple fest." My family comes over, my mom makes entiiirely too much food, we pick apples at the orchard down the road, and then we bake them into pies, crisps, and anything else you can make apples into. So, that's what we did last Saturday. It's pretty convenient that my mom randomly lives three house down from an apple orchard.
Now, I don't mind apples, but they're not high on my delicious fruit list. So I pick them and try to give them to someone. (Like Kevin, who usually gets stuck eating the 3000 lbs of apples that I pick.) He's learned to become very fond of apples.
My adorable cousin Jada is thrilled every year to go apple picking. I wish apples excited me that much.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day...

With all of the apples we ate that day, we should never need a doctor. :-)

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