Monday, September 3, 2012

Classroom setup!

Ok, ok... I know that I've been neglecting my blog, but I have a really good reason! A couple weeks ago the high school and elementary staff all started Summer Institute (two weeks of team building, powerpoints, team building, meetings, team building, professional development, and, oh yeah, team building.) and I had two weeks to get my classroom in order. Now, when I say "in order" I mean taking a bare classroom and turning it into this:
Did I also mention that my supplies didn't come in?
That was an exciting adventure. I ordered everything that I could ever possibly need this year and ended up with a stapler and some post-it notes. mmhmm. fml. So I begged and borrowed from my wonderful co-workers (and spent about two future checks at Walmart) in order to make the above happen. Phew! Aaaand that's why I had to put my blogging on hold. The good news is, I can show you what it looks like now! (I promise I'll take more pictures when my supplies decide to show up!)

A pinterest find. Love it :-)

This is my centers board!

My Word Wall looks sad now. I can't wait to get some vocab up there!

The rainbow rug where I do whole group instruction

My desk! I have my very own desk! (#firstyearteacherjoys)

The Noise-O-Meter!

Tattling is something that I have very little tolerance for. Teaching the kids the difference between tattling and reporting is the key.

Bus lists, Hallway Poem, and Bathroom Board (So they don't go play in there 20 times a day)

Wall to display student's work and my guided reading table :-)

My sad, sad little library. Needs a rug for sure...


Morning message on the first day!
I can't wait until tomorrow! It's making me nervous that I'm not nervous! I can't wait to see my little loves' faces!


  1. Oh my gosh it looks amazing!! I seriously want to go back in time and POP into your classroom! It looks like SO MUCH FUN. I can't believe you got that all together in such a short amount of time! YAY FOR TOMORROW! You'll do great :-)

    and yes, I giggled when I saw Ms. Cox. hehe.

    1. Hahaha I can't wait! It's funny, the other day we were joking that next year we'll be Tees and Cox... Haha that had to have been planned :-P